Sunday, November 13, 2011

21 mos

Today, little Acie punk is 21 mos old. Happy 21 month birthday to my spicy little sacuepot and his litter mates...Ella, Libby, Blue and Lily, the little flower.

For his 21 month birthday, little punky boy gave his mom 5-6 contacts this weekend in his standard runs. Before this weekend, he had been COMPLETELY blowing me off, leaping off the contacts with reckless disregard for his command to stop. He has to wear the collar of shame, as gramma calls it...meaning, he now wears a collar during agility so that when he disobeys his "spot" command, he gets the walk of shame off the course held by the collar of shame. This weekend was our first trial with the collar on and all in all, it went pretty well. We are still day, we will get it.

His sister was her usual flawless self. She got a little caught up in the chute and by the time I figured it out, I was pulling her off a jump because she was a little further behind that I expected.

Tomorrow, I will get up and go to work to pay for dog biscuits and agility...and the dogs will stay home and recover...REALLY???


Carrie and Waffle said...

congrats.... Chelsie Belle
21 months and he still is alive! What restraint. I've tried to get rid of mine, but they keep bringing new ones home.
Give Acie punk a push for me.
love ya

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I love Carrie's comment!

OSU 98 said...

Dearest Waffle,

Want another new one? I would be happy to send him your way.

Love, Chelsie Belle