Monday, October 15, 2007

More Skunks?? Please, no....

Well, we made it through the rest of the weekend without any more skunks. I did call Varmint Guard - they can set traps for 2 weeks, but who knows how many skunks there are?? We have about 100 oz of tomato juice and 100 oz of peroxide - and hopefully smarter mom.

Chelsie had quite a day today. Grampie came over to give her a break and called to tell me that she had done the following:

1) Sink surfing - a knife, fork and tupperware bowl were on the floor in the living room
2) TP Surfing - something she has never done before. Good thing grampie was there to save her

After a hard day's work, she then had to rest in the green and yellow bedroom - under the covers. It was necessary to throw the pillows off and pull the quilt back, so she could get under the covers to rest for her working night tonight.

Tonight, as usual, she did fantastic work. She gave the floor nurse her standard greeting by rummaging through her trash. I think we have to start going earlier - with the change in season, it is getting dark early, and tonight when we went, a lot of people were in their rooms in the dark - at 7PM. We walked back to the car in the dark, how crazy is that???

We saw a few people we saw last week. We saw the nice old lady who used to work for Iams - she was excited because she was going home on Friday, a week head of schedule. This was very, very goo news. She was up roaming the hall with her walker, and we sat in the hallway and visited. We also saw the old man who had all the pictures everywhere. His wife was sitting with him, as she was last week. This week, he was up and sitting in his wheelchair - and appeared to be more alert this week. He acknowledged Chelsie, and found one of her favorite spots - the back of her neck. She was quite happy to stand and let him scratch her neck for a few minutes. We made his day better.

My weekly lesson of who wants to see us continued again tonight. We always start at the very end of the hall and work back toward the middle - we finished the first side of the hall and went down to the other end of the hall. As I said, many rooms were dark - this room in particular was no different. There was a man sitting in a chair beside the bed, and a woman was on her side, facing away from us. She was a very large woman - not sure if she could roll over on her own. I was all set to walk by, but then one of the nurses asked the guy if he wanted to see the dog - he said yes, and told the woman a dog was here - and she wanted to see it. We moved her tray, got a chair, and Chelsie jumped in the chair so the lady could see and touch her. Chel knows dog people, and she was very content to sit for quite some time. As soon as we walked into the room, I thought to myself - this is the "lesson" room for the night. She did good work tonight - I am very proud of her.

Tomorrow, she has a play date with Bryce and then to agility. I went and watched the game with Belinda on Saturday (without Chel - B's parents were there and her nose is a little sensitive due to her "condition"!) and Bryce wanted to know where Chelsie was! It was so cute! We have not seen him that much, but he associated me with Chelsie - I was floored. Who knew the cerebral capabilities of a 2 year old??? NOT ME!!

We hope this finds everyone well. Have a great week, we will be thinking about all of you.

Nicole and the Very Beautiful Chelsie Belle

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The Monroes said...

you have to let me know how many they catch in your skunk haven...maybe it is Chelsie that is drawing them in;)