Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Girl!

This weekend at my club's agility trial, Chelsie got title qualifying scores on three of her six runs. This was an AKC event, so usually, there is only 2 events - jumpers (jumps/weaves/tunnels) and standard (all of the above plus contact obstacles - teeter, table, dog walk and A frame). This weekend, there was a third event, called FAST. All the obstacles have a certain point value, and there is what is called "a gamble", meaning you have to work with your dog from a distance. The idea is to get as many points as possible, and if you get the "gamble" you get extra points. We still don't have any qualifying scores in that event, but we still had fun.

As I explained earlier, there are three levels in AKC - novice, open and excellent. At the new year trial, she earned her novice titles in both events, so this was her first weekend in the open level. She got 2 of three Q's for her open jumpers title and one of three Q's for her open standard title. The non qualifying standard run was her handlers fault.

We had to make it through the weekend without our third trialing partner, Chelsie's grammie, who was in Tahiti with her grandpaw. They picked a good time to be gone, the weather was miserable. Grammie usually sits with Chelsie in between runs, as mom works as a coursebuilder at her club's trials. Grammie reads and does crosswords, and Chelsie lays quietly in her "house" (crate) with the door open. Thankfully, our partner will be back for our trial in March.

I am always proud of her, but I was very proud of her this weekend - so proud of her that despite the fact she is in dire need of a pedicure, mom did not give her one last night...and as tonight is Monday, she will not get one tonight either...what a puppy.