Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Job, jumper girl!

Dear Chelsie,

This weekend, you ran like a big girl agility dog - I am so proud of you! You did nothing more than get 4 Q's on 6 runs and get your open jumpers title. But more importantly, you had FUN. Mom has finally figured out that it brings you great pleasure to sniff the floor and eat dirt before you head into the ring for your turn and that you know once we are in the ring, you must pay attention to where I tell you to go.

You ran your first excellent jumpers course this weekend, which is where you will remain for the rest of your AKC agility career. You came within the tip of your back little toes on getting a Q on your first excellent run, and knocked a bar down after the weaves on our way heard the tick of your toes on the bar and heard it fall down, she also heard everyone go "OHHHHH". But you, you never missed a stride. You kept right on going and were very proud of yourself on the way out. What was most important to you was finding grammie, who had your cookies, and getting some cookies for a job well done. You knew that even though you had knocked that bar down, that you had done a good job.

You also had your first Q in the FAST run - mom made up a good course for you that was user friendly for your favorite obstacles and had a enough points for a Q. You got the "send" on both days - even with mom behind the send line (a line I cannot cross in certain areas of the run), on Saturday, you took the far end of the tunnel about 15 feet away from me. You loved the send on Sunday - over a jump and straight into the weaves with speed. For your efforts, you got 2Q's and are now one Q away from being an open FAST dog.

Your standard run on Saturday was awesome, even if you did get an off course (which was mom's fault for not getting you set properly). Mom forgot that in open you can get one off course and still get a Q. I have to admit that I forgot I challenged you. I asked you for some very tight turns and some rear crosses - all of which you did to perfection. On Sunday, you decided you did not want to weave with me on your left. I tried to put you back into the poles, but when you came out a second time, we moved on. At that point, we would not have Q'd any way, since you had 2 refusals at the weave poles. But even so, it was still a good job on your part. Did you know, that on all your contact obstacles this weekend, you got every "spot"? Mom did notice that, and it was a very good job on your part.

I had a lot of fun this weekend with you, even though it is a lot of hard work. I have an idea now of how much work soccer and softball tourneys were for grammie and the grand paw- this weekend wore the both of us out, but unfortunately, I am the one who had to get up and come to work, while you are at home napping. ????

Our next adventure is the Delaware County trial, and I am sure it will be fun. Hopefully, you will come away with your Novice FAST title and your Open Standard title. But more importantly, I hope we have as much fun as we did this weekend!



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