Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sibling Love and Manners

Tonight, Joe met Tim for the first time. We went to a Texas Roadhouse on the east side after my agility competition. While waiting for our server and munching on the peanuts in the bucket on the table, Joe made "brotherly" comment about me to Tim, so I chucked a peanut at him. My mom pipes up and says - "Oh stop, I don't want Tim to think I raised children with no manners." Joe had been buttering his roll when she said that but as soon as the comment sank in, he stopped, got my mom's attention and licked his knife. It was awesome - totally inappropriate, but such a "Joe" thing.


the youngbergs said...

Classic and hilarious. It does seem like something my Tim and his brother would do to their mom too!! When are we going to see a pic of you and Tim together???

The Scotts said...

Yes, I want pics!!!