Monday, March 3, 2008

Job Well Done

Tonight again was yet another job well done!!!

Today was cruel and unusual - it was 65 degrees!! I really wanted to take her out for a walk, but it started raining...bummer. We had to work anyway. With the temperature being so warm and having the heat still on in the building, it was a little hot in most of the rooms tonight. But she took it like a champ tonight.

Our night started off pretty good. We walked into a room, and a lady peered out looking at us, and so I went to the one side of the room first (a double room) As I went in, I caught a glimpse of the first patient we saw last week. She had very clearly had a stroke - her right side was paralyzed and she could not speak. This week, she looked much, much better! Her eyes were brighter and she could speak! The words were very garbled, but she wanted me to know she was doing much better. Still no movement on her right side, but she pointed to it and somehow let me know they were working on it. It was great to see.

Another room we went into had this really nice old woman in there, along with her daughter. They were definitely dog people - the old woman had some sort of british/australian/south african accent, I loved it!! Turns out the daughter's partner is a doctor at Children's (as is the daughter) and is a quadriplegic, who uses an assistance dog from Canine Companions for Independence - and works with my friend Jenny, who also has a facility dog from CCI. Both dogs are black labs, like Chelsie, and their names are Travis and Ansley. They were very happy to see us.

Next, we saw the man from last week - the one who Chelsie graced with her flatulence before we left. He is doing well, going home next week. That was very, very good to hear.

After that, we went into a room and the guy in there was lying in bed. He was not too interested in the dog initially, but when I came in to see his roommate, he became interested. He was petting her, talking to her, telling her how beautiful he was. He was a heart patient, with one of those heart machines we have seen in the past, and was holding on a pillow in the shape of a heart that had been signed by family and friends. His roommate was a dog person - I think this poor guy was diabetic, he could not see and had lost part of his leg. Did not matter to my little precious, he was a dog person and she knew it. She put her face up in his lap and he started scratching her ears and she just loved it (one of Chelsie's sweet spots - that and her booty) She held his hand too - ie, gave him her paw. Mom was very proud of Chelsie's work tonight.

It appears to be slightly windy, which always induces some sort of inner panic in me - which is not good, because I am tired. We hope this finds everyone doing well!!!


Nicole and the Chelsie Belle

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Chelsie- elmer is insanely jealous of all the attention you get!