Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nine Lives

Tuesday night has become a very busy night in our house - it is now both hospital and agility night. I will be starting a class at OSU at the end of the month and it is on Monday nights. It is only 6 weeks long, but I think we are going to keep Tuesday this way, to free up one more night during the week. It worked out OK tonight.

Tonight at agility, Chelsie nearly got crushed under the teeter. I was debriefing my run with my instructor when another student started her run. Unfortunately, we had not moved out of the way and just as the other dog approached the teeter, Chelsie ran under it. Fortunately, I was close enough to grab and both dogs were OK. The other lady gave me some lip about not being able to stand around all night, and I finally shot back at her...this is the same lady that always gives me grief about Chelsie being overweight for a competitive agility dog, and I am tired of her running her mouth. I finally told her to relax - I should have gotten Chelsie on her leash, but I was still talking to the instructor. My instructor was clearly irritated as well...thankfully, no one was hurt.

Tonight she also did very well at the hospital. Levi, the patient that was paralyzed and on the ventilator, has made significant progress. He is much more aware and communicative, and has regained some movement. He can pick his head and shoulders up and tonight, began moving his left foot. His wife and parents were there, and they were very excited to see Chel. She sat in her chair in his room for 15 minutes while we visited with the family. Levi will be going home next Wednesday - actually to his home. I was somewhat surprised, I thought he would be going to another facility near his home since he still needs FT care, but he is going home. It was great to see. We also saw the lady that had the stroke. She is very aware as well, but still has not regained use of her right arm and still has trouble speaking. But she looked great - bright eyed and cheery and glad to see us. Mom was very proud of her.

Our weather here is still crappy - we will get about 3 inches of rain in about 30 hrs. Thank god its not snow, as we would have another 30 inches if that were the case. We hope this finds everyone well!!!

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The Monroes said...

You tell that lady "she is too overweight for agility!!" Assuming she is not a size 2, if she is we have to come up with another game plan...Seriously, if there is going to be a fight at agility class, let me know what time and date and I will bring a "flask" and watch. That would really spice things up a bit!!