Friday, March 21, 2008

So, so little.....

The highlight of my night last night was getting to hold Teagan Lee Quisenberry for almost an hour last night!!! I picked a great time to go - when only the parents and the grandparents were there (all 4 of them!!) and they were very generous about sharing. :) She is beautiful - but so tiny!!! B had her dressed in this little pink outfit, little pink hat and mittens...she slept on my knees for about an hour. Occasionally, someone would make a loud noise or I would move and it would startle her, but she never made a peep.

B looks fabulous - she was up and moving around, picking up Bryce, had makeup on. I hope that when I have a peanut I can look like that and recover like that. She was ready to go yesterday, but her doctor said she should stay. They are definitely going home today.

I also got to see Bryce, who is growing up into such a big boy. He is at that stage where he is changing so quickly...last night, I heard him speak in a full sentence for the first time! Bryce loves Chelsie and associates me with Chelsie - he always asks for Chelsie when she is not with me. I promised a visit with her at his house when his mom and sister went home.

Congrats Mark, B and big brother Bryce!

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