Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are you crazy???

Somewhere along the way, I read/heard you are supposed to rake up your old mulch before putting new mulch down. Now, I love my flowerbeds 364 days a year - and hate the day I have to mulch them. I decided I hated this day as well. So, I decided to call for reinforcements.

I called my dad and asked what he was doing, they were over at John's before the baby came home. I asked if he would help me rake the mulch up and he said, What are you doing? I have never heard of that. Are you sure that is what you are supposed to do? He then went on to say the mulch would eventually compost and he did not understand why this is necessary. I swear I read it somewhere...what he didn't say (but might as well have) - are you crazy????

Long story short, I called Ohio Mulch and they said the old and new should not be more than 2 inches and that it probably was not necessary. Talk about feeling like a moron. I will take it if it means not raking the beds out - hauling the bags to the curb SUCKED!!!


The Monroes said...

Hey, now you do not have to do it for a few more years... so look at it this way, you saved yourself some time for next spring!

Alexis said...

I just got done raking the backyard this evening. Wow what a blast that was. Good work out though. Every year I always say I want to get rid of all of our trees. I HATE leaves and twigs.