Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you feeling old yet today?

If not, let me help you. For all of you that were my teammates at OSU my senior year, you will recall my cousin Michelle coming to watch us play in Sacramento - VERY, VERY pregnant. Well today is that little baby's 12th birthday. Happy, happy birthday Amanda!!


the youngbergs said...

Wow...I get a reminder of that constantly in my job. Most of my graduating seniors were born in 1990!

The Monroes said...

I feel old every day... but thanks for trying to make it worse :)
Just kidding, I never feel old, until I look around campus and the students look like they are in junior high...I always think it is little sibs weekend or something, then I realize we are just old!

Alexis said...

Old, who is getting old? Oh yeah we are. I don't realize just how old until I hear some of their birthdays.... Just like Cheryl said, 1990. Wow!!!!