Monday, April 14, 2008

Chelsie Loses Weight!

I think I have complained about how this one lady at my agility club is all over me about Chelsie's weight. She is right, it is good to have dogs of her size and build - front heavy, deep chested - in top shape so the dogs have less of a risk of getting hurt and having long term health issues. But she was so obnoxious and pushy about it - and vocal about it in front of other people - she almost had me in tears about it on many occasions. Compared to all the little shelties in our class...let's just say at various times she has earned the nicknames of barge, locomotive, freight train...etc, you get it.

I am happy to report that Chelsie has lost 3.6 lbs over the past three mos, largely in part as a result of the substitution of Kroger lite vanilla yogurt in her kong instead of peanut butter. I am very, very happy - of course, I want to keep her healthy and pain free. The lady mentioned above told me I needed to cut her food down to 1 cup a day, which is just nuts. I refuse to starve her for the sake of being a competitive agility dog - looks like what I am doing is just fine. We will continue on our current path - I would like for her to be about 68. She will never be one of those 55lb petite labs, but she is in great shape and is a happy, healthy lovable lab. And of course, mom's baby angel.....


The Monroes said...

Dear Chelsie, I love a lady with a little meat on her bones...don't listen to that lady!

Alexis said...

I didn't know dogs had to go on diets to compete too. Boy and I thought dogs had the life....eating, sleeping, playing. Too bad.