Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Its 6:26PM, do you know where your child is?

Last night, as we were on our way to the hospital, I was stopped at the light at King Av and Olentangy River Rd, right by Lennox. No joke, there was some kid, maybe 10, not much older or younger either way, riding in the middle of the other side of the street against traffic. Now, when I initially stopped, there were no cars coming, but then, cars started turning left from King on to Olentangy - and he tried to ride in between the cars as they were coming at him. Seriously? Fortunately, the cars had the good sense to come to a stop and give this kid a dirty look which got him over to the sidewalk. Of course, there were no cops around - hopefully one would have stopped him and given him an earful about the stupidity of riding into traffic on a major road...

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