Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Job Chelsie!

Last night at the hospital, we had a first - we had to leave before giving everyone the time they wanted to visit with the precious. I have switched to Tuesday nights, so we can go straight from the hospital to agility. Usually, we start at 6:30 and need to be gone by 8 for agility, which is usually no problem. But not last night.

As usual, she was awesome. We had a little bit of excitement right off the bat - the guy in the room next to the first room we went in had a seizure in his wheelchair in the hallway. I could hear nurses yelling for help, and thankfully there was a doctor right there. The poor guy was coherent after, but there was about 11 people around him, taking up the whole hallway. We waited quietly until the crowd thinned a little and then went on our way. The poor guy that had the seizure got a first class trip in the tunnels back to the hospital.

There were a lot of dog people last night. I was passing by one room and this lady was kind of dozing off watching TV, and I was not sure she would be interested in "the doggie" but I was wrong, as I usually am in these types of cases. She had a dog at home she missed very much, and was thrilled to see Chel. She rubbed her ears and scratched her butt and Chelsie was in dog heaven. She offered her a cookie, but mom said no way. We probably spent about 15 minutes with her and she was very, very happy to be able to see and pet my little precious.

We were there for an hour and a half last night, and the time just flew by. It funny how she knows who the dog people are - when she is with someone who is a dog person, she is just content to sit there and just kind of chill out. She did a very good job.

After working, it was on to agility, where she again did a good job. Again, her handler was suspect a few times, but every time I screwed up, she went exactly where my motion was telling her to go. She was a good girl.

We hope this finds everyone doing well. It looks like FINALLY we are going to have some nice days - I might have to "be sick" on Friday because it is supposed to be 75....

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