Friday, April 25, 2008

I need to quit seeing things out of the corner of my eye

Tuesday morning it was psycho prega jogger lady. Tonight, it was the pile of puke Chelsie left on the back seat of my car. I thought it very odd that she was sitting on the opposite side of where she usually sits in the car - and for good reason, because she had puked all over the side of the car where she normally sits. It was mom's fault - I had an early game and I fed her before the game. Not such a good idea because she runs around like a nut after her ball and then inhales water. I can honestly say I was not shocked when I saw it, I just felt bad for her. The saving grace is that it is easy to clean up. She supervised mom's dinner and supervised pruning of the evergreens and then mom gave her a little something more to eat. She is now sleeping peacefully next to her mom.