Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Record Setting Night

..and probably not in whatever way you are thinking!

Last week, I had a cold and we did not go to the hospital - I was sneezing, hacking, all that good stuff and decided the poor people at Dodd had enough problems without my germs. Tonight, I had recovered enough to go for our visit, so off we trooped. We had a limited time tonight, as mom was getting a haircut at 7:45.

Our record setting event tonight? We made it to a grand total of 2 rooms. Yep, you read right, 2 rooms, 3 people. The 2 ladies in the first room were very talkative and seemed to enjoy her company, and I did not want to take Chel away from them. At that point, I had already determined we would be lucky to make it down one side of the hall, so I just stayed there as long as Chel was not too antsy.

The patient in the second room is one that will probably stick with me for awhile. He was a gentlemen in his late 50's/early 60's, and he had some sort of brain surgery. We ended up talking with him for about 20 minutes, and it turns out he had an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor. He had such a great attitude - I think he said something to the effect of "this is not going away so I am going to have to learn to live with it" I couldn't help but wonder if I would be gracious enough to have the same attitude - ok, I probably would not. Every time I leave there I am grateful for my health, mental and physical faculties...and tonight was no exception. There was a stray apple on the floor I picked up for him before I left and I told him I would eat the candy bars in the bag on his chair before I ate the apple. He smiled and said he was quickly working his way through the bag. Mr. Lynch was his name - please say a prayer for Mr. Lynch and his family.

Mother Nature has apparently not gotten the memo about the fact that it is spring yet, as I have had to turn the heater back on. I held off planting this past weekend because of the deep freeze warning we have in effect until 9AM tomorrow morning. It was chilly in the house this morning, and my bed was so nice an warm...between my nice warm blankies and Chelsie's body heat, it was very hard to get up this morning. Is it the weekend yet??

I hope this finds everyone doing well. Barf dog managed to ride all the way to the hospital and back without barfing in the car, and even waited patiently in the car while mom got her hair cut (such a liberating experience!) Have a great rest of the week!


the youngbergs said...

A haircut? What's that like?....I do hope the weather warms up for you!

The Monroes said...

how about a pic of the haircut?? Even if I am going to see you in a day!