Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring is Here!!!

It appears spring is finally here in Ohio...a number of things have happened to prove this.

1) The heat is off. It is 75 and gorgeous, and there is a nice breeze allowing my wind chimes to make some beautiful, peaceful noise.
2) My first softball game is tonight!! Woo hoo! It is with the church league, so there will be no cursing when I find out how out of game I really am.
3) The grass got mowed yesterday - and it needed it. I was embarrassed to pull up to my own house. All my flowers/bushes are beginning to bloom.
4) I grilled out tonight. A little out of practice, because I charred the one side of my chicken. But it still tasted fine, I even gave Chel a small piece.
5) Outdoor soccer starts tomorrow. That will be interesting - I will find out how really out of shape I am then.
6) I have my semi annual spring cold. Out of respect for my co-workers, I kept it to myself and stayed home today. I even broke down and sought out pain relief for my splitting headache.

There are supposed to be scattered showers tomorrow, but nothing that causes an extreme temperature drop, thank god. Hopefully I can go a month or two without the AC - last year, I turned the AC on in May and it did not go off until the middle of October. Would be a nice little $$ savings, but we won't get our hopes up.

Happy Friday! It is officially the weekend!

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