Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bohemian Rhapsody

I heard this song in the car today as I went to meet my friend for lunch. I was about a junior in HS when "Wayne's World" came out, and actually saw that movie with my dad. We were on a weekend trip to Arizona to watch a college softball tournament, as many of the schools I was being recruited by were playing. We took a break from softball and went to a movie, and he agreed to see "Wayne's World" with me. To this day, when I hear the song, I think of seeing that movie with my dear old dad.


the youngbergs said...

What a sweet memory. Little things like that make me bawl like a baby these days!

The Monroes said...

I love when sights, smells, or sounds bring back memories (when they are good ones like those of course!)Music is always a big trigger for me as well!