Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is it really that bad?

Apparently, it is. I have been trying to capture this picture for many moons now, but until this morning, I had not been able to. This is a favorite nap place, especially in the morning when I am drying my hair. This was after a busy few days - she chased her ball at 2 softball games Thursday night, had a private agility lesson Friday night and went to Barkpark on Saturday. After getting home from Barkpark, the chocolate lab was there, as was her grammie. Grammie being there immediately induced panic, as the fear of having to leave mom and go with grammie is very real to her.

I was really aggravated at barkpark on Saturday. There was this dog that was chasing Chelsie for her precious rubber duckie...this dog was a pain, but his owner was an even bigger pain. He totally just sat there and watched his dog harass Chel, and never once moved his can out of his chair to throw a toy for him. I am usually a proponent of letting the dogs work it out themselves, but I was really aggravated with this guy - esp because he was at the complete opposite end of the pond and still sat there and watched this go on. However, mom was slick - managed to come up with a Wubba toy, which in the end, she much preferred over the rubber duckie.

Poor little Chelsonator will be making a trip to the vet this week. After her trip to Barkpark last weekend, she has begun itching and can't seem to stop. I thought it was the shampoo I used there, but I took my own this week and we are still having issues. I told her that mom would get it fixed for her.....I just hope I can hold up my end of the bargain.

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The Quisenberrys said...

Playgrounds or barkparks.......owners or parents should keep there precious ones under control. Funny how there isn't much difference between kids and dogs!~