Friday, May 2, 2008

The "Chelsonator" in Action

Here are a few pictures from our competition in April. We have trials this weekend and next weekend. Our trial this weekend is a warm up for next weekend - we get to run 6 runs per day this weekend!! It also means mom has 18 course changes per day - there are elite, open and novice runs in each class (the things I do for my child) These trials are neat because they tend to have young handlers just learning agility, and it is fun to see them with their dogs. All the fans are very supportive of the young handlers, which is really neat as well.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of her - this is actually a fantastic form picture for agility. She is jumping over a triple jump, meaning the jump has three bars that get successively higher. The dogs have to be able to see the triple jump and adjust their stride so that they get up and over the jump. You can see this picture caught her in full extension, meaning that she had a good approach and good stride to the jump. Dogs that miss this take AWFUL looking spills into the bars and the dirt - we have only done that once and thankfully not at a compeition. This form makes mom very, very happy.

I had to get these 2 pictures to remind myself that she ABSOLUTELY knows what "spot" means. She is usually very, very good about it on the teeter (the bottom picture is the teeter) and the dog walk (not pictured here) but not so good about it on the A frame (middle picture) What you don't see is me in the photo screaming at her "YOU SPOT, YOU SPOT, YOU SPOT". Obviously she got it - this time.
She is mom's baby angel...and she told me this morning she will rest up to prepare for her competition tomorrow. She also told me that she is very glad our third trialing partner, her grammie, will be with her this weekend. Unfortunately, she does not know that grammie will not be with her next weekend, as the Paloney parents are hitting the road next week. Where to you ask? EUROPE - AGAIN!! This itinerary will include Italy, Turkey, France, Spain and Greece. One of the Italian stops is in Venice, where they will go on a Gondola ride through the canals...maybe one day.....

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The Monroes said...

I love the first action picture, good luck this weekend~!!!