Monday, May 5, 2008

DPS and Prozac

As today is Monday, my parents take care of Chelsie. They were up in Columbus, so they let her out a couple of times. About 3PM, I got a call asking if it was too early for her to eat. I said fine, give her 1/2 cup food and 1/2 cup green beans. Five minutes later I got another call, asking what kind of mother I was, there were no green beans in the freezer. She still got her food, sans the green beans.

For those of that don't know, grapes are fatal to dogs - they damage the kidneys irreversibly if not caught immediately. I had some old grapes in the refrigerator that needed to go, so I pitched them. I keep the trash can on a chair and to date, she has never pulled it off the chair...however, there is a first time for everything. Paranoia took over and I put the grapes outside. Prozac anyone?

And finally, on the way home from class, I stopped at Kroger and got 4 bags of green beans. The guy in the checkout gave me a really weird look, but I just smiled and went on my way. The baby angel got the rest of her dinner when I got home, complete with her veggies.

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