Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One of you out there needs to have a girl baby

..so I can buy a gift and wrap it in this pink camo wrapping paper I saw at Target today. I was looking for wrapping paper and the selection just sucked - I walked up to the the baby section and saw this pink camo stuff and it was SOO cute. I was acutally looking for something to wrap my mom's mothers day present in, but I had a hard time giving Mags something in pink camo. I settled on pink with big flowers on it for mom.

Soo, do we have any takers??? Candace? Kelli? Meaghan? Natalie??? (haha, Nat)

1 comment:

The Monroes said...

Not I my friend, I am good with ONE!! But you can wrap Naomi's next birthday present in it... LOL