Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gone to Bed

Sometimes, Chelsie is so tired she feels the need to "go to bed". She is not picky about which bed she sleeps in, and she has been known to "go to bed" in more than one bed in the same day. Usually, it is the bed in the buckeye room or mom's bed, for some reason, the bed in the happy room does not seem to make her happy (a dog hair free zone is how I like to look at it). In fact, she has been known to throw all 11 pillows off mom's bed. She likes to lay in the buckeye room because she can look out the window and guard her house. As you can she, she was especially tired today, and her nap required that she strip the bed all the way down to the mattress.


The Monroes said...

you better not let the "Dog Whisperer" see that, he would not take kindly to Chelsie ruling that roost!

OSU 98 said...

I can say for certainly I am definitely the lead bee-otch in this household!!