Friday, May 16, 2008

I Heart Bryce

So, sometime in the last week, I got a phone call from Bryce (B's little boy) It was the cutest thing...he called me and told me he wanted Chelsie Belle and I to come over and visit him. It made my day.

So, today, I made good on his request. I took the day off and went over there this afternoon. Byrce was not home from school yet, but got home just as B and I were about to take a walk with Chelsie and Teagan (who is very adorable, by the way). So we turned around and went back, and Mark showed Bryce that mommy and I were walking back toward him. He ran at us full speed ahead and gave B a big hug and held her hand all the way home.

We enjoyed a very nice afternoon - we visited, watched a video about potty in which I was re-educated about certain body parts that are made for "pee pee and poo poo", played with his train, threw the ball for Chelsie and ate dinner. After dinner, it was time for us to go to our softball game, so Bryce gave me a hug goodbye and went to watch us go on the front porch. In the winter, he and Mark stand in the window when I leave and wave, and I flash my lights to him. Since it was nice, they sat on the bench when we left. As I was leaving, he was yelling goodbye to us - and then he said "Bye Cole, I love you!" Talk about making your heart melt...I love you too Brycie!

He is also fantastic with his little sister...loves her to pieces. She is pretty darn lovable...B might have disagreed with that at 3:45 this morning when she was up!!!!

Mark and B, you guys are wonderful parents and have done such a good job with Bryce. He is a fantastic little guy. I can hardly wait to see how his little sister grows up. Thanks for letting me come over and visit and for feeding me dinner - I need to make a meal and bring it up to you guys!

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cpy said...

That is so sweet! I'm sure Chelsie loves those visits too!