Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not freakin' funny...

To the piece of crap that rang my doorbell at 3AM this morning, you are not funny.

At 3AM this morning, my doorbell rang - and Chelsie flew off the bed barking like a nut case. I thought I was hearing things, but when my precious started barking, I knew I wasn't. My heart was in my throat, and I was terrified. It was fabulous. I did not mess around - I called the Cols. PD dispatch number and asked them to send a car out to look around. I mean, who had any business being out at 3AM to begin with, and then ringing my doorbell??? Someone up to only no good. Thankfully, they showed up promptly - within 5 minutes.

The officer was quite nice - Chelsie sounded her alarm when he knocked on the door, and the guy looked at me and smiled and acknowledged how her carrying on like this could be a little unnerving. Before he knocked on the door, he looked around the side of the house where my bedroom was - and I saw his flashlight, which scared the hell out of me again. He asked if I had any problems with kids in the neighborhood, and I said no. He also said this was the first official weekend of summer, as all the schools were out. I apologized for being a pansy, and he said not to worry, they take these things very seriously and that they would send a car to drive by for a few nights. Another car came rolling up just as we were done - I was very grateful for their fast response and not thinking I was crazy.

What makes me more angry than anything is that now I am somewhat jumpy in my own home. I have become much more aware of my security as of late, but tonight, am walking around making sure windows lock, all the doors are locked, shades down, lights on - because some punk thought ding song ditch em' at 3 AM was funny. Not so much.

The last thing the cop says to me last night - try to get some sleep. Yeah, right buddy. We will see how long it takes me to fall asleep tonight.


The Monroes said...

I think you did the right thing by calling the police... that way they can drive through your neighborhood and bust those little basta#$%S. I have a phobia of high school kids all of the is like over night I turned 80! I think you can take comfort that Chelsie's bark would deter many people!!

Shalyse said...

ok...I am so with you on this. I would have crapped my pants. good thing you have a dog that will protect you though! It totally must have been b/c school's out.

TEENAGERS! although I do remember some pretty late nights too! :-)

The Tuckers said...

Get a gun.... makes me feel great!

the youngbergs said...

I pretty much know every high schooler around me since I work in the actual high school!!! I don't even care either....I'm with Nat, the cops need to bust those little punks!! You did the right thing and I would have done the same. Good thing for Chelsie; she'll sniff 'em out and bark like crazy!