Sunday, June 15, 2008

Random Weekend Pictures

All 11 pillows in plain view for the world to see - there is a third pillow like the one she is laying against behind the pillows she did not knock down on the other side of the bed. Maybe next time, she could make herself more comfortable.
My little West Virginia dog, clamoring with excitement at the very utterance of the word "Barkpark". I was putting my shoes on and she was quite curious - this was the look I got when I asked her if she was ready to go to Barkpark. If you look in the middle of her mouth on her bottom jaw, she is missing a tooth - thus, she has earned the nickname of WV dog. Sorry to any WV people out there...who knows what happened to it, it was loose when she got her teeth cleaned in December, so the vet pulled it.

Trapped behind the fence at Barkpark. Every weekend, they cook hamburgers and hot dogs, and all that money goes to the rescue of the weekend as well. I decided I did not want to be accosted by dogs while trying to enjoy my hamburger, so i retreated to the safety of the detached garage on the property. You would have thought I was leaving her for the duration...come on sister, I don't bother you when you eat..not usually.

I got the picture of her swimming with multiple rubber duckies. This was before she became fixated with a Zora's bumper toy. Zora was an easy going chocolate lab who was happy to share her toy with Chelsie. Zora's owner threw ducks for her and I threw the bumper for Chelsie - all dogs were content, but I told Chelsie she was lucky Zora would share her toy, because I don't think she would have been that gracious!

Our McMansion, front and back. Like father, like daughter. My dad loves his yard, and so do I. My mom sent us to Home Depot today for a bbq brush, and we came back with plants...there was a greenhouse at HD that had many beautiful orchids in it...even one with 2 vines!!! There were also some very well established orchids that would have made beautiful flowers (vigorous is the proper term) but we showed restraint.

John, Karla and Kaitlyn came over for Father's Day dinner. Kaitlyn was getting fussy and Karla was still eating, so I took a turn at feeding her. Too tired to eat, poor thing. We had a really nice day.
GAB (Great Aunt Becky) holding Kaitlyn. All my second cousins call my parents GAB and GUB - great aunt Becky and great uncle Bill. No, my mom's name is still Margaret, she has always been aunt Becky to my cousins...long story.
Happy Father's day padre. I am lucky to have great parents who would walk the earth for me if I needed them to. It is so nice to have them here and close so we can spend days like we had today together!


The Monroes said...

1. your house looks amazing and it will be even better when you get that irrigation system in!
2.Even Chels thinks there are too many damn pillows on that bed!!
3.You look like the baby whisperer with that cute little peanut.

the youngbergs said...

Your house looks great!! Such a proud you should be!

The Scotts said...

Love your house! It looks fabulous!