Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One of those days...

Despite the stellar organization under which we operate in this household, today was one of those days where I felt a step behind in everything - one of those days where someone would ask me something and I was like, Yeah, I know, I am working to get there...I did not leave work until 5:45.

That also meant I got a late start to the routine of our Tuesday evening. I came home, fed the pooch, ate a frozen dinner and off we went. Thankfully, it has cooled down here and it was not too hot in the rooms at Dodd. We were only about 10 minutes behind schedule, but given that we had a hard stop at 8PM and we were at Dodd until almost 9 last Thursday, I was anxious to get going to see Mr. K and Mr. Smith, both of whom were still there.

That's where things took a turn. I saw the nurse that wanted us to go see Mr. K last week, and told her we had gone to see him. She was so appreciative, told me it made his day, he was so happy. I guessed correctly he had a stroke, but I was in no way prepared for what she disclosed to me next. Mr. K has cancer...throat cancer, that is cutting off the blood supply in his corroded (sp?) artery, and he is terminal, very short term. I was so upset...I mean, I knew the guy was in pretty rough shape, but had no idea. I guess the one thing that is comforting is when the end comes it will be quick, and his suffering will be minimal. Talk about a lousy booby prize.

When we went in there, I was amazed to see despite his condition, he had made dramatic improvements. He was out of the wheelchair, walking around and when he saw us, he smiled and came over and gave me a firm handshake and rubbed Chelsie's ears. We had a real nice conversation...apparently one of his dogs, Odie the beagle, decided he needed to eat his bed last night. his wife woke up this morning to find foam rubber all over the living room. I laughed and told him she would be finding it for the next three months. Mr. K (or Koz as one of the nurses called him) will hopefully go home Friday. One thing I am thankful for is that the stoke did not impair Koz's ability to write. Because of the trach (hole in his throat to help him breathe) he cannot verbally speak - he mouths, but does not speak. His pen is his primary method of communication, and thankfully, the stroke did not impair that.

We saw our other friend, he is getting cut loose on Thursday - yea! We really enjoyed our visits with him, but it is good to see him go home. My grandma always used to say "East west, home is best". You bet. He will be home with Casey, his Golden. He had a magazine about how to train Casey to help him, as his mobility has been impacted by his condition (not sure what landed him in Dodd) I broke a hard and fast rule tonight...he had saved some of Casey's treats for Chelsie. He started talking about it, Chelsie knew it. Let me tell you, she was right there on the edge of her seat, I told him watch out, she may start drooling on you. He is very excited to go home.

We did not leave until 8:10 and barely made it to agility on time. This was our last class of the session, so we ran a course, like we would run in a trial. There were some tricky areas and I got there a few minutes after everyone started walking...and of course, my handling was not the greatest. I got a few looks like "what the hell are you asking me to do mom? Why that way?" But we managed and there were lots of cookies for her when we were done. We are excited for the trial this weekend - in fact, I have all the timing equipment in my garage to get to the trial site on Friday morning. I am taking Friday off, so we will get to play for three days!!! Hopefully, she gets her excellent "A" titles and then we can start working toward the ultimate AKC title...her MACH!!! But her most important title will always be "CGC/TDI" (Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs International).

On a positive note, I got confirmation from the company installing my irrigation system that they had received my deposit and were coming to mark utilities. My parents are coming up tomorrow so my dad and I can discuss what we need to get to finish the garage and a few other projects - yea!!! It never ends...I need to replace the trim around the garage now. But our little McMansion is so close to being just the way I want it!!!!

We hope this finds everyone doing well!!

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