Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quiet night at Dodd

Tonight was a very quiet night at Dodd. It was a little strange considering we have been there so late for the last couple of weeks.

We got there and as usual, Chelsie's fan club greeted her. The nurses, about 6 of them, were gathered in the nurses station, and just made a huge deal over her. Of course, she ate it right up.

We only saw one patient we had seen before. A lot of doors were closed and beds empty - this is a good thing, hopefully, the families had gotten them out for a walk, as it was a beautiful night tonight. As we were done by 7:30, I thought about taking her down to three, but then did not. I am still wiped out from this weekend and had a hard time functioning at work today. We came home and mowed, as it is supposed to rain either tomorrow or Thursday.

We hope this finds everyone well. We are of to la-la land.

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