Sunday, June 22, 2008

On the road to MACH

Well, we did it...we earned our first 11 MACH pts!!! Chelsie had a spectacular day - was 2-3. Mom's handling on her jumpers run was #*$&% again - I pulled away from jump 2 and she knocked the bar down, so I challenged her on some skills we don't necessarily excel at. Of course, she did every one of them....UGH!!!! I will work to be a better handler for her.

This weekend was a great agility weekend for us. I was only really unhappy with one run, our jumpers run yesterday, which was totally my fault. She got three Q's in 3 tries on her std run, 2 Q's in three tries on her FAST run and one Q in 3 tries on jumpers (UGH!!! MOM SUCKS!!!!) In the fast runs, you can earn a maximum of 80 pts - we need 55 to qualify in our level. In her 2 runs, she got 67 and 70 pts...pts typical of what the speedy border collies get. I was so proud of her FAST run today.

This weekend has wiped us lunch is not made for tomorrow, my clothes are still in the dryer, and basically I am feeling dysfunctional right now. I treated my sore feet to a nice hot bath...after hauling equipment around the courses all weekend, we have to load it into a trailer and take it back to our building. I probably moved 50 sandbags and walked about 8 miles...and I am whooped. We were "resting" in bed before dark.

Hope this finds everyone well.


The Monroes said...

Way to go...although I am seeing a reoccurring theme here- the handler is the issue...maybe Chels can make a trade on one run :) Kidding of course!!!

the youngbergs said...

Go Chels!!! Sierra, meanwhile, has yet to leave the house and venture into the 100 degree heat!!