Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Agility

Well, unfortunately we were not nearly as successful as yesterday, we were 1-3. Many guys in the major leagues make big $$$ for a .333 avg, so I guess I can't complain. However, she picked a great run to Q in - her std run, as she earned her excellent std title with this run.

Not to worry, though, mom made it interesting. My handling in her jumpers run was $*&$^#, so I decided I needed to pick up the pace for this run - her title run. Well, we picked it up so much we almost went flying off the table!!! I had a slight miscalculation about the speed in which she would exit the weaves and get on the table!!! I wanted her to be in her "down" facing forward, so I ran out to get in front of her...and I am never in that position when she is on the table. So she comes flying across the table, and hangs on by her claws. I am crouched down, directly in front of her, screaming DOWN at her...we have to stay there for 5 seconds...and she is so confused...she was in a crouch position, but unfortunately, her butt was in the air. We finally managed to communicate, and by this time, I know our Q is in jeopardy, because of time. So I really picked up the pace...yelling "HURRY UP, CHOP CHOP" all the way through. We crossed the finish line at 62.3...and to get our Q, we had to finish in under 63 seconds. A Q is Q.

We are now on the road to our master agility title, our MACH - the ultimate prize in AKC agility. Every qualifying run we get in our standard runs will earn her points toward the title. We are still 2 Q's away from our jumpers title, and I hope to be 1 Q away after tomorrow - assuming I show up to handle! Once we get our excellent jumpers title, we will be able to count points in both events toward our MACH. Our MACH title will require we get 750 pts (std course time - dog's time = pts to MACH) and 20 double Q's - getting 2 Q's a day 20 times. The challenge is to show speed and consistency. We are at the very beginning of our "Road to MACH" - so, here's to 750 pts and 20 double Q's!!!

I am so, so proud of my girl. Every person in my club that saw us at the beginning of our career would all agree - YOU"VE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!! (let's be sure to go just a little further tomorrow, please!!!)