Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 2.5 of unemployment

At the end of day 2.5 of being unemployed, I have 2 interviews set up for next week - while it is nice, I will not sleep easy again until I have a job.

I spent the better part of the day sleeping. I was back to being emotional again this morning, and was tired, so I gave in and slept. Little Belle was compliant with my request to cuddle, and at one point, laid right next to me, nose to nose. Yard work is very soothing for me, so I mowed the grass and tended to my flowers this afternoon, and felt better after that. I met my friends Dianna, Michelle and Sara at a cute little place called the Worthington Inn for happy hour. It was very healthy and exactly what I needed. After coming home, I took little Belle for a walk and talked to her grammie for the entire hour duration of the walk.

I am going to work for the first time since being laid off in the morning. I am not sure how it will go - earlier today, I thought I might have been ready, but not so sure about it at this exact moment. I need to go in and meet with my boss (NOT the one who canned me) and see what he needs me to do, and face the rest of the staff. I think this whole situation will have a lasting impact on me, as I am not sure I will ever feel fully secure in a job again.

Tomorrow, I am having lunch with a friend who is a labor attorney, she will review my severance agreement to ensure it is reasonable and there are no hidden whammies in there. I have softball at six and then we will be heading up to Cleveland for an agility competition - all very normal stuff in our lives, which is important right now. Yesterday, when I told my parents, they asked if I was still going to Cleveland, I said yes, I needed to get out of the house. I am trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, but I have to admit it is somewhat of a challenge.

I know it has only been 2.5 days, but I am definitely still on the roller coaster. While everything you read tells you this is not personal, it sure feels personal. I think I would feel better if there was at least one other person in my department that got laid off, but there is not, as the other 2 positions eliminated were open positions not filled. I am also feeling today that part of the reason I was the "chosen one" is because my boss probably felt I was the most likely to land on my feet somewhere else. It still doesn't help, but I am definitely convinced this played a role in the decision to eliminate my position.

I know everyone is off in every different direction, so have a great time and be safe. Hopefully, Chelsie's mom can handle her in a jumpers run this weekend...

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the youngbergs said...

Write, talk, cuddle, walk, and allow yourself time to get through this. You are doing all the right things, Nicole, and you are one amazing woman who will rise above this and grow. Thank you for sharing with such openness and vulnerability. That, in itself, is a testament to your strength and adversity. Sometimes we write on our blogs as if everything is one blissful moment after another....thanks for being so raw and genuine. Hang in there....I'm thinking about you.