Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Time

Last Tuesday, my cousin and her kids came to town. Remember that little baby that used to come to our games? Baby no more, she is 12 yrs old and is taller than I am. Her 10 yr old sister is right behind her.

It was great to have them here. This has become an annual trip that takes place before going to a camp for surviving families of fallen officers (family camp). The camp is outside of Milwaukee. Last year, Michelle drove up - her first and last drive. This year, they flew.

We did all kinds of fun stuff. I had a few interviews mixed in, but my mom came and took them and they got to visit in Marysville. We saw Mama Mia, went to the zoo, had a family bbq, visited the baby, worked on inventing the newest jelly bean for Jelly Belly (they live close to the Jelly Belly factory) as well as inventing the newest burger to be served at Red Robin. That contest includes a trip to Orlando for the winner and he burger being served in all Red Robin restaurants for a year, with part of the proceeds going to charity. I will not divulge the future winning recipe so as to maintain the integrity of the recipe. I do have to say, I was pretty impressed with Jen's creativity...the burger sounds YUMMY. Once the contest is over, I will divulge and you can try at home, but all I can say is that her burger kicks the 2008 winning burger's booty!!!!

So my house is really, really quiet again. Michelle and I had lots of opportunities to visit and catch up, and it was really good for each other. We did get our girls night out, and went shopping at Easton. Michelle discovered the bliss of designer jeans - she put on a pair of Lucky brand jeans and they fit her like a glove! She was not ready to spend the money on them that day, but I do think that Lucky brand easy riders are in her future, she looked fabulous in them. The steal of the day was a pair of jeans we both bought at White House Black Market...$30!!! Marked down from $90. Super cute and fit like a glove...

Tonight, my friend Michelle invited Chelsie and I over to play with her fur children, Tad and Belle, both yellow labs. Her husband is out of town, so we grabbed some food, took the dogs for a walk and then went home to a glass of vino. It was exactly what I needed.

I cleaned out my desk this weekend and am working toward finishing up the items I need to finish. I am nearing the home stretch on the interview process for the job I want, and I should know by this Friday. I will not sleep again until I am gainfully employed - the physical aspect of this is definitely catching up to me. I am nowhere near as motivated as I once was to do things...my yard needs mowed and all the linens from this past weekend need laundered...but, not really motivated. I am sure I will kick it into gear. I have had a couple of rough days, so I am hoping the next few get better.

All for now...little Belle and I are off to bed. She had a grand old time chasing Tad, and wore herself out so much she had to go into rest period in the park.....

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The Monroes said...

I am so glad you had a nice visit with your cousin, I am sure the timing was good for you and for her!