Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comforting Noises

So for those of you that have frequented my McMansion, you know the OSU airport is right in my front yard. Many people ask me if I am afraid a plane will crash on my house. The truth is, even though I live so close to the airport, if they land on my house, then they missed by a long way. A really long way! And if they crash on my house while I am in it, my ticket is punched and it is time for my heavenly reward.

Now, that does not mean I do not get nervous from time to time...there was one time where a Lear jet came in for landing and he was WAY lower than he should have been. How do I know this? I have been in one and have landed there for one, but often see them come if for a landing on a daily basis. So last night, as I am laying there, I hear these popping noises, sounds like a ca backfiring. As I listened a little closer, it was very obvious this was a plane, backfiring its way to the runway. Obviously, everything was fine, but you can bet today I am paying a little closer attention to the overhead traffic! (as one flies overhead now)

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