Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interview Update

All of a sudden it has turned into a crazy interview week. I had a phone interview with a firm called Crowe Chizek yesterday, and they want to bring me in for an in person interview - tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. And Friday - did I mention Friday? They want me to interview with 2 groups - one only available tomorrow, the other only available on Friday.

So my recruiter told them Thursday afternoon was out, that I had another interview at 1PM. What do they do? Schedule the interview from 8-11AM, knowing I had another interview at 1. I don't really feel like I am in a position to say no at this point, but come on - they have no idea if my afternoon interview is three hours long. Thankfully, I expect it to be only about an hour, but that is still a lot of interviewing.

So we will see. I have printed everything out and looked at it. I have to be downtown my 8AM ready to be interrogated. I have not been up and functional at 8AM for awhile, so this will be interesting. Sleep is at a premium these days, and I am sure tonight I will be awake most of the night worried about oversleeping. Mel and I (Mel W.) are meeting for drinks tomorrow night before softball, and I am sure I will need one at that point. I have not seen her in so long I am not sure what she looks like.

So off to my beauty rest. Please continue to pray to the job gods for me..and for my agility instructor who was laid off last week also. No bones about it, it just plain sucks.