Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lab Looking for New Home...

My abused, under-loved baby irritated she would not even look at me...

Dear friends,

Please take this as my formal complaint about my household for the past three days.

During the last three days, my naptime has been virtually nonexistent. Mom was home all day Monday and Tuesday while the sprinklers were put in. Did I tell you that is a very annoying process? There were people going in and out of my house, ringing my doorbell, and utilizing loud, heavy machinery to cut up my toilet. Worse, mom was constantly moving around - and, to add insult to injury, had turned off the AC. Thankfully, last night she came back to her senses and turned it back on. I was able to sleep in peace on the vent in the bedroom.

I breathed a sigh of relief this morning when she FINALLY left for work. The day was all mine..until suddenly, out of nowhere, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Karla appeared...with this THING in a car seat. Really mom? Not only was there a baby in a car seat, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Karla left..and the baby stayed!!! Mom was holding this baby in her lap on my couch...REALLY???? She finally put the baby in the bedroom (on my bed) and paid attention to me...

If anyone needs a loyal, loving companion, I am considering making myself available until my mom sees the error of her ways and once again becomes immediately receptive to my dog needs. We will give her another shot - the baby is gone, the sprinkler installers did not come back today and we appear to be back in our routine. I just wanted to put a little feeler out there in case anyone was looking.

I am signing off now, as I am very tired due to lack of a nap for the last three days.

Very Sincerely, from a lab who needs some love,

Chelsie Belle

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