Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life Returns to Normal

Hello everyone,

I am happy to report my dog life has somewhat returned to normal. Mom FINALLY went back to work and there were no visitors today. We even went to Dodd Hall tonight, where I worked diligently for 2 hrs.

Upon our arrival, my fan club was there to greet me...nurses Misty, Lisa, Marilyn and John. I even got to see nurse Leonard, whom I love, but we only see him if we go on Thursday. He loves me dearly and tells me what a good job I do.

The halls were sort of quiet tonight, but it still took us 2 hrs to get to everyone. Our first patient was an older gentleman, who told me how healthy and beautiful I was. He just thought I was the greatest thing. Well, in my opinion, I am!!!

One of the patients we saw tonight, Mrs. Johnson, is the mother of one of mom's coworkers. I got to see Sara and meet Mr. Johnson, they are nice. Sara's mom seems to all of a sudden have a number of issues, so Sara is spending a lot of time at Dodd. Last week, we could not go in her room, but this week we could. Mom visited with the Johnson's for awhile, I had to lay on the floor and be still. I do not like to lay on the floor and be still.

Its funny to see people react to me sometimes...they think they are crazy because "they thought they heard a dog in the hall!!!" Sometimes, I get a little excited and whine, and patients can hear me. We went into a room with a wonderful family - a dog loving family - and they were so excited to see me. Mom kicked the lady's son out of his chair so I could jump in it, and the lady just rubbed my ears, it was so nice. That family has brown labs, and I decided their place might not be a bad place to go. They have lots of land and....A POND!!! They were nice people...loved all over me.

We also met another nice family. The patient's son (I think it was his son) works at Hocking Correctional Facility. HCF is part of the prison program for CCI, and CCI dogs are raised in that prison. My friend Keyton, a golden retriever career change dog who lives with mom's friend Kim, was raised in the Ross County Correctional Facility. He thought I was pretty neat, as did his dad, the patient. This man was so happy to see me, he cried. The phone rang, and he told every one on the other end that he had a special visitor, a black lab "that was so calm and sweet, you would love her". They were a nice family.

I also made one more person cry, this time is was a lady maybe in her 50's. I think she thought she was seeing things when she saw me! Her husband was staying on a cot in her room and there was so chair, but nurse Marilyn went and got us a chair so I could go up to the bed. This lady was really good at scratching ears, I sat there for a long time and let her scratch my ears, while her husband took a picture. I will see her again Tuesday night.

Nurse Marilyn said that Mr. K stopped up to see them Monday, he had a Dr. Appt. She said he was moving around very well and was in good spirits. Mrs. K told nurse Marilyn that all Koz could write about was Chelsie. Apparently, Koz used to get pretty restless in the evenings, but did much better the nights I was there.

After 2 hrs of work I was exhausted. Fireworks are going off, but mom is close by, and she sprayed some of my calming spray on the bed to help me sleep. I even saw the anit anxiety drops nearby, but I don't seem to need them. The whole family, Scoobi included, is on mom's bed, and I hope she turns the light out soon.

Happy 4th everyone. Be safe, be happy.

Very Sincerely,

Chelsie Belle

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