Saturday, July 5, 2008

Um, your smoking a cigar in front of dad????

For those of you that know and love big Bill, you know he is a pretty straight laced guy. However, in his retirement, he has really loosened up. For example, on their trip to Alaska a couple of summers ago, he went white water rafting and halibut fishing. On one of their many cruises, he signed up for private ballroom dancing lessons - I was so shocked I asked my mom what she had done with my dad.

Well, it reached an all time high last night. My brother had a little get together - and for those of you that know and love Chelsie's uncle Joey, you know that he is not the straight laced individual that the other three Paloney's are!! Along with some moderate alcohol consumption (ok, maybe a little more than moderate) was some cigar consumption. I think my mouth dropped open a mile wide when I realized my brother was smoking a cigar in front of my dear old dad...and my dear old dad really had no comment about it...I am not sure which was more shocking, the fact that he did it or the fact that my dad had nothing to say about it!!!

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