Friday, July 18, 2008


Today I was in Walmart and nearly fell over when I saw the cost of razor refills. I had a coupon for some refills called Venus Embrace - I should have known they would have been ridiculously expensive based on the $2 coupon in the paper. A 4 ct cartridge was $14 - SERIOUSLY? I even took a look at the disposable kind to see how much they were - I can't use those pink things, they tear up the skin on my legs, and a package of them was like $9. But $14 for 4 cartridges??? Really? Or am I just cheap?


The Monroes said...

mach3 men's around- still expensive but well worth it. You usually get more per package too :)

tina marie said...

no Chelsie Belle, you are not cheap - you are right! you may want to take a look at the future of shaving at
i understand they are soon coming out with a six blade "Diva6" all-in-one razor (with shaving cream inside) that will only be $6.99 for a 3-pack.
tina marie

Tim said...

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