Friday, July 18, 2008

Status Update

While I am out pounding the pavement trying find work to support this household, Chelsie is more concerned about her afternoon nap. She is a big fan of the sectional in the basement (as am I - it would be in the living room if it fit). Apparently, she is confident that there will continue to be food in her bowl on a daily basis.
The latest fad in headrest fashion is grampie's feet (please ignore the socks and sandals). She was very good to grampie today and sat next to him on the couch and let him pet her ears.
As of day 9, here is the status. I have had three interviews this week, with another one scheduled next week. I may have a second interview with the VP of a company I interviewed with this week in Indy - the job is here in Cbus, but this guy's office is in Indy and either I can wait to meet with him until the end of the month or get my butt on over to Indy and meet with him. I am thinking if I show them I am willing to make the drive, it will show them I want the job - and I do. I had lunch with my lawyer friend and we discussed my term agreement. I have a meeting with another recruiter in the morning. I have been working to complete my transition responsibilities. I took the dog for a walk, finally went to the grocery store and played 2 softball games tonight.
I guess that is pretty much status quo for me - all action, all the time. But is it good to be busy and to be getting out of the house on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it is the middle of July and too friggin hot to walk the dog as much as I would like - otherwise, she would be loving this, as I would walk her little legs off to clear my brain.
It is way, way past my bedtime - sleep is still at a premium these days - so I am off to get my beauty rest. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

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