Friday, August 29, 2008

Monumental Events in our Lifetime...

WOW...WOW, I don't even know where to begin. As of today, this presidential race becomes more historic than it already was. And Tim Russert is not even here to help me understand all of this.

So we officially have our candidates - McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden. WOW. I can't even believe it. I will have to find Rush Limbaugh on the radio to see what he has to say about this. My first response was Sarah WHO? More research about her is needed, but be assured, gentle readers, my anticipated stress level about the upcoming elections just increased exponentially. I don't know when I became so Republican, as many of you know I absolutely LOATHE our current idiot and voted for Bill Clinton twice. Maybe it is because of my strong belief that NOBAMA is just not the right man for the job AT THIS EXACT moment. For god sake, he has been a STATE SENATOR for a very short period of time and has spent most of that time campaigning for president...ugh. I wonder if there is some chocolate in this house anywhere??

On a much larger note, this upcoming election is indicative of yet another monumental event in my (and many of my friends lifetimes) Things I can point to that have had global impact...

- Fall of Berlin Wall
- Fall of communism in Russia
- First African American Presidential Candidate
- Country gone to war
- Execution of Saddam Hussein
- The potential failure of 2 American Icon companies - GM and Ford
- The Enron disaster and the crippling effect it has had on public companies (I can explain that in further detail if requested, I have become quite proficient at explaining it to non accounting people)
- Gas at $4 a gallon

And the list could go on and on.

So gentle readers, what other things have I missed? I look forward to hearing your responses....

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