Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

I know we are halfway through the week, so it might be a little late to talk about the weekend, but tough cookies.

This weekend, I learned to wakeboard. One of my friends has a boat, and they invited me out on Sunday. I am a relatively proficient skier, but all the rest of them wakeboard. After some persuasion, I agreed to try. Had I been a snowboarder, it probably would not have been so scary.

So on goes the wakeboard - very different feel in the water than skis. I give the ok and next thing I know, I am standing up!! Then came the panic moment of OMG, now what??? I managed to stay up for a few minutes, but then three boats crossed to our left and I was hosed. On thing I have learned about wakeboarding is that you generally hit the water pretty hard - as evidenced by the faceplant I took my second time up.

Other weekend accomplishments included taking Chelsie to the barkpark, feeding Teagan Q. and playing with Bryce Q. I took my dinner up to B's house after my softball game on Sunday (yes, I wakeboarded and played softball on Sunday) and got to see her and the kids. They are getting so big...and are just too darn cute. Hopefully we will be spending more time up there in the near future as football season has started - can ou believe that?????

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the youngbergs said...

That's so cool that you can wakeboard! You are a busy girl...hopefully you weren't' too sore the next day!