Sunday, September 28, 2008

Agility Weekend

Hello friends,

This weekend, I had a competition at the Sports Barn at Easton. Mommy likes the Sports Barn a lot, she does not have mulch in her toes at the end of the day.

On Saturday, I ran like a rock star. I had my own cheering section - Natalie, Jeff and Naomi came to watch me, and I could hear Naomi cheering for me. During my warm up, the were watching me from the view above, as there is upstairs seating. They watched my standard run, and folks, let me tell you, I was awesome. Mommy complained about the course, said it was "Choppy" - and it was. But lucky for her, I am a good dog and was awesome. Naomi came to visit me at my crate after my run, and I was happy to see her. I also ran very well at jumpers, and got a Q and MACH points there. Yes, folks, that would be a double Q for me.

Today, friends, was a little different. We got there and my friend Dash came out to greet me and told me to get in there, they were running our class. Well, they were - and our turn was in 4 dogs. For the past 2 days, they have run the FAST class, and we did not participate - and they did not run it today. Maybe my mom could read the entry form? Really lady? So anyway, she watched for a few, and I was all jazzed up - and got a little bit of a correction to settle. This rattled my mom and she lead me to the wrong end of the tunnel - Jesus lady. To make matters worse, she then got lost and we got another off course. Thankfully, we found our way, I ran like a champ the rest of the way and got my cookies at the end of my run. Next time, read the entry form, mom - sheesh. You ruined a perfectly good opportunity for another leg to my MX and more MACH pts because the course was EASY BREEZY.

To prove I am as awesome as I say I am, I nailed the jumpers course, which was also "choppy". No good flow and my mom was telling me what to do the entire time. Jeez lady. But I did it, and then ran over to Jill and Mrs. Birkinbine (Jill's mom) because we had left my cookies with them.

In the end, I ended up with one double Q, 1 leg to my MX and 2 legs to my MXJ. I now have 7 of 10 legs for my MX title, and 5 of 10 legs for my MXJ (last titles before MACH). I earned 10 MACH pts yesterday and 4 today. In total, I have 4 dbl Q's and 78 MACH pts. I will take it.

On top of this all, mom got distracted with garage organization and did not feed me until 9PM. Good lord! I am now finally able to relax and mom is downstairs working on the computer. I have had a busy weekend, so I am off to bed.

Have a great week!

Very Sincerely,

The Chelsie Belle

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The Monroes said...

We had fun and Naomi is still wondering when it is her turn on the course...she totally thinks she is a dog. Good work Chelsie!