Sunday, September 28, 2008

Girl Tools

As a girl home owner, I am very proud of the "girl tool crib" I have created over the past 4 years. About 6 mos ago, I got fed up with not being able to find something when I went to look for it, so I went and got a rolling cart, got rid of all my nasty tools, and put everything in one place. This has been good for my obsessive compulsive need for order.

I have filled it with all kinds of things - wrenches, pliers, cordless drill and nice drill bits, channel locks, utility knife that will cut your fingers off, 2 hammers...and the list goes on and on. I also have one of those Black and Decker picture hanging levels, and it is AWESOME. However, tonight, I added a new tool I had never heard of - nut drivers. Anyone have any idea what those are?

Well, I used it tonight to fix my dryer vent. The dryer hose had been coming undone for some time now, and when David and I were in Home Depot today, I said something to him about it. I had all the proper clamps and had the right idea on what to do, but I was having a hard time getting the screw on the clamp tightened. This infuriated me to no end, as I knew what I was doing was the correct way to fix it - and you all know how I get when I can't do some home maintenance deal that I know I should be able to do. So David said I needed nut drivers to do this - of course, you had to buy them in a set, so I now have 7 nut drivers (and have no idea when I will use them again). However, the dryer hose was fixed in about 15 minutes.

I also utilized some REAL MAN tools this weekend - my brother came over to help me hang shelving in my garage and brought his Makita drill. This thing is WAY more powerful than my little Black and Decker, and had no problem putting three inch screws into studs. The garage looks AWESOME and there is SO MUCH ORDER in it. I got a few looks from my brother about "its just a garage" when I did a few things - the one that took that cake was to wipe the dirty fingerprints off the tracks (they are white) I took some grief for that. But there is so much order in my garage, I love it. Its the first place I come into at night...and if that is a mess, is it any wonder I get all jumpy??

Camera battery ran out, so no photos...but I am now in the office that is COMPLETELY out of order, so I am off to get the Xanax.


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