Monday, September 8, 2008

Cleveland Trial

After an atrocious day of handling by the handler on Saturday, we rallied on Sunday with a double Q and 16 MACH pts - 12 on standard and 4 on jumpers. The 4 pts we earned on jumpers is a record for us - we are not super fast and the jumpers times are much tighter than the std times. To put it in perspective, we finished in 36 seconds, while I saw a border collie finish it in 22 and change - now granted, this is one of the top border collies in the area, but you get it.

On Saturday, Chelsie had a beautiful standard run - little turkey broke her start line stay both days in standard, and mom was NOT happy about that at all - she was really flying! She flew through all the obstacles up to the table, and obediently got on the table when asked. Most dogs hate the table because they do not like to stop during a run. We have to sit on the table for 5 seconds...which to date, has never been a problem - until the handler calls the dog off to early. I usually keep my hand up to tell her to stay, and then position myself toward the next obstacle. I dropped my hand too early, and she came off the table. The rest of the run was beautiful and I apologized to her and told her I would be a better handler for her. This did not ring true in jumpers, as I moved too far laterally while she was in the weaves to set up for the jump after the weaves...and she popped out on the 10th weave. UGH. MOM SUCKED!!

On Sunday, though, we fixed it. She still broke her start line stay on the std run, but kept it in the jumpers run - which was mission critical to the success of the run. I was probably about 50 feet from her and had to position myself just so, because there was a tunnel staring her in face I needed to block. I was very, very proud of her on Sunday, and for her efforts, she was rewarded with an empty ice cream cone and some of my McFlurry.

Thanks to Meaghan and Alexis for coming down to watch us! Thank god they came on Sunday when we ran good and not on Saturday...they got to see just what a good dog Chel was, as she saved me a few times in the run they saw!!! Next opportunity for MACH pts is 9/27-28 at the Sports Barn at Easton. Put it on your calendar to come watch!!!

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