Thursday, September 4, 2008


As we enter the trial in Cleveland this weekend, we have earned 2 double Q's (qualified in both standard and the jumper runs on the same day) and 48 MACH pts. Now, we still have a ways to go - 18 double Q's and 702 MACH pts, but being as the first trial we could earn MACH pts was in July and the first trial we could earn double Q's was our last trial in August, we are doing pretty darn good. I am very proud of my little girl and how hard she works for her mom.

We have a trial in Cleveland this weekend - the last time we were in Cleveland I had just been laid off and was an emotional wreck. Thankfully, things are back on track and I will be in a much better state when we go up there this weekend! Let's just hope she is too - this was the trial that she threw up in the car at...ALL OVER THE BACK SEAT!!! She had class last night and ran her sets very well. AKC has decided to change the distance between the weave poles from 22 to 24 inches, which helps us considerably in how fast we can move through them. Her little lab paws were on fire last right as she consistently ripped off all 12 poles in every pole set last night.

Grammie is coming on Saturday, and is going to video us. I will try to see if I can get it on here, but no promises. Megs, we will be competing at the North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex, so if you are looking for free entertainment, stop by.

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Alexis said...

Give me a call when you get into town. The complex is one exit up from us. It would be great to stop by and see you. (440-227-5252)