Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike, Ike go away...


Yesterday was unlike anything I have ever been in...I feel like I must have had my head buried in the sand not to know it was coming. It was incredibly windy all day, and seemed to get worse as the day progressed. About 3:30 - just as I was turning the hair dryer on, the power went out. I was actually supposed to go to Atlanta last night, but ended up not going - I am not typically a nervous flier, but I would have been a nervous wreck last night - it was not safe to be out driving around, let alone flying (at least in my opinion!!) The airport was a mad house - cluster is not even the word that can begin to describe it. I was on Delta - as we were standing in the mother lode of all lines, there was some girl from Delta telling us there were no flights going out that night, that there were sustained winds of 65 mph. They gave you an 800 number to call to reschedule - and the people on that end had no record of any flights being cancelled or delayed. 40 feet away, the agents behind the counter were sending people to the TSA bag check - seriously, what was it????

End result was me going home - they could not get us on a flight until Tuesday, and with the conference we were supposed to go to ending Wednesday, it made no sense for us to go. Back home in the 65mph winds. Actually, out to find gas and D small feat. Took me over an hour and I finally got both in Powell. After that, on to Marysville, to get the baby angel and deliver the batteries to my parents.

As I said, this was unlike anything I had ever seen. I have no power, 2 of my coworkers have no power and my parents have no power. My brother, who lives about a mile from my parents in the same development, does have power - Chel and I spent the night at Uncle Joey's last night. The power supplier for my parents, Dayton Light and Power, have sent a significant portion of their crews to help restore power in Texas, and it could be as long as three days before their power is on. There are a number of trees down in my neighborhood, but thankfully, my house is fine. The wind blew my BBQ over and made a mess of my yard with leaves, but other than that, I am no worse for the wear. I did leave little Belle home with all the windows open, it is only supposed to be 70 and when I got into work about 20 minutes ago, it was barely 60.

I think my dad is going to try and get some ice for me today...if he doesn't, I will be heading out early to try and deal with this stuff, and maybe trucking back out to Marysville. My poor staff person is getting married on 9/27 and had a branch on her roof and another tree dangling over her house....craziness. In all the years I have lived in Ohio, I have never, ever seen anything like yesterday. If I am ever anyplace where a hurricane is coming, I will unquestionably leave...

Pictures to come. Ike, Ike, go away.

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The Monroes said...

come to my neighborhood to take pictures- there are trees down everywhere (finally getting cleaned up) power lines down...we were lucky enough to be one of 3 people with power on my we have neighbors food in our extra fridge and we will have extra house guests tonight as well- no one has power around here yet!