Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random thoughts after my visit to the mall....

On Friday afternoon, I decided to go and get a pedicure. I am going to some utility training in Atlanta this week (doesn't that sound like a page turner!) and my VP is going with us. I decided that if I had any thoughts of wearing open toed shoes, I needed a pedi. So, off I went...and came back with these thoughts:

1) DID MACY'S REALLY HAVE THEIR CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT? Is it some other month of the year and not September? What about Halloween, Thanksgiving or anything else in between??? I am not a scrooge, but jeez....isn't it a little early?
2) Could the chick in the nail place be any harder on my little tootsies? My toes look great, but I cannot say it was the most relaxing pedi I have ever had. The color on them is is a red OPI color called "The Thrill of Brazil". Once I saw the name, I knew it had to go on my toes. I seem to pick colors because of their names - the deal on the blue paint on my kitchen walls was sealed when I learned its name...Lost Atlantis. How cool are these names???
3) Even though I really wanted a pedi, I sort of felt guilty about spending the money on myself...until the attendant from the Shell gas station came in for a polish change on her toes and a balance. I figure if the gas station attendant was OK with, I should be too. Odds are I can probably afford it more than she can, so I should get over it...
4) Did I really just go into Forever 21?
5) Did I actually just buy something in Forever 21?? Leggings at that??? I think I might be slightly embarrassed....the rubber will meet the road when I actually wear them - if they end up being house clothes they were only $4.50, so no big loss. Of course, the exact reverse could happen...I might actually decide I look HOT in them and wear them in public. No one hold your breath on that!!!

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