Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Photos from the Weekend

Here are a few random pictures from our weekend. Nothing too exciting, in fact, very uneventful would be the right term to use for it! I need another long weekend...anyone else feel the same way? Probably the most exciting thing I did was book travel for turkey day - the parents are going on a cruise from Rome to Ft Lauderdale, so Joe and I are going to Cali. to have turkey with aunts and cousins. Along the way, I am stopping in Reno to see Jodi and FINALLY meet little Dolan James (who is ADORABLE after his first haircut!!!)
Sporting a new cover for my center console. Chelsie has left her mark (aka some scratch marks) so grammie made us a console cover and put Chel's name on it. Not spoiled too much, are we...
The brown dog...if she wants to sit where you are sitting, she will sit on you. I told her to back off, I would share but I WAS NOT getting up.
Happy 30th birthday brother!
Mom and Chel, taken for submission to the Pet Pals volunteer office. I was mad at myself because I forgot to take her Ohio State bandana with us...ugh. This was in my parent's front yard.
Uncle Joey giving the puppies some treats...I had stopped at Tim Horton's and had gotten the girls some Timbits (donut holes) Our dogs are starving, can you tell?

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