Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations Diane and MACH Who and Alicia and MACH Lily

Our departure from Cleveland this afternoon was delayed due to the MACH run of my friend Diane and her little sheltie Who. (they run at a 16 in jump height) Diane and Who needed ONE DOUBLE Q this weekend for their MACH. After difficulty on the standard runs all weekend, they pulled it together today and managed to get their double Q. It was a beautiful run and a bunch of us stood up in the stands and cheered when Who cleared the last jump! Great job Diane and Who! Also, congratulations to Alicia and the Lily the Superpoodle, who earned her MACH last weekend in Dayton.

We were 2 for 4 this weekend - we had some trouble Q'ing in standard this weekend. Yesterday, my little bean decided she needed to exit the weave poles and go sniff the ground...UM, NO WAY!! I was not happy...according to some of my spectating friends, that message came through loud and clear when I left her at the end of the A frame and told her emphatically to SPOT. She has NEVER done that to me. I vowed to put her in a "down" and take her off the jumpers course if she did that again, but an emphatic "you weave" seemed to do the trick. She was awesome on jumpers and got 2 Q's and 12 MACH points - 6 pts per run, a record for us.

Out standard run this morning was interesting. She ran it beautifully - until her handler led her right by the weaves. Boo on the handler. The weaves and the tunnel were literally right next to each other, and you came one direction in the tunnel and went back the other way in the weaves. In this particular run, it did not matter which side of the weaves I was on, as we were going to the table and that was really the only thing in her line of sight...I opted to try and get her on my left, she seems to weave better on my left and I wanted to give her some weave confidence. Unfortunately, she came out of the tunnel and found me so quickly that I did not guide her with my arm into the weaves...I said "weave", but my arm was not out to queue her to weave. She came right up to me and looked at me like - aren't we supposed to weave? She properly queues to my body position as opposed to verbal command, and today was no different. Good girl Chelsie Belle. Mommy is sorry she screwed that up, but takes ZERO responsibility for your little sniffing escapade yesterday!

Our run really got interesting after that. After properly doing the weaves, we headed up to the table. For some reason, she literally ran around it. I just happened to look down...and there was poop!!! I said out loud - OMG, there is poop! The judge comes running over...and tells me to finish my run. We do, she calls for the clean up crew and then let me approach the table again. It was very clear that Chelsie avoided the table because of the you know what, and she wanted to give her the option of properly approaching the table, to let her know she was a good dog and had not done anything wrong. I was very grateful for this - we took a couple of obstacles and then she ran right up on to the table. I made a big deal of it - and was very grateful to the judge. She let me do it because we had already NQ'ed at that point - if that had caused us not to Q, I would have been allowed to run again. Typically, when a potty incident happens on the course, the dog is disqualified. As unreal as this sounds, we do not know who the pooper was one of those things where it was just a little, but clearly enough to be distracting. I was glad the judge had given me an opportunity for her to go to the table again and glad she took the table with no issue. She was rewarded with lots of praise and cookies.

Of course, our fannies are whooped has had better nights, I just don't feel all that great and my neck and shoulder are really sore. I am icing as we speak and have a massage scheduled for Thursday, given modern medicine seems to be able to do NOTHING for my growing discomfort. The place I am going is right around the corner from my house and I have heard nothing but good things about my messus, Page. Hopefully Page has the power of bringing me some relief...

We hope everyone has a great week!!!


cpy said...

How do they not notice who pooped on the course? Chelsie is a smart cookie to stay away from that!

The Monroes said...

I agree with CP, how did they not see that during the run? I mean someone has to lose some major time to do that right?