Thursday, October 9, 2008

Off to the races...again...does it ever end?

According to my brother, you can sleep when your dead, so I guess the answer is no. :)

The craziness started tonight when I agreed to sub for softball - which in and of itself was not all that bad, however, there was one slight miscalculation in the whole deal. Apparently tomorrow is the last day of the Fairfield County Fair, and I had told David I would go with him...I thought it was next weekend. I was actually considering going up to Cleveland tomorrow night, as our competition is there this weekend and I am tired - not getting up to leave at 6AM would have been nice...but it was not meant to be. Next weekend is the Circleville Pumpkin show, I told him I would go there too...and after that down to Hocking Hills somewhere for a Unit 1 (Columbus Fire) picnic. THAT should be interesting, those boys are always an interesting crowd...I promise to take pictures of the 1,000 lb pumpkins.

We are competing in Cleveland this weekend (approximately same schedule Megs if you are looking for free entertainment before Alexis's naptime) and that is always a good show. She did ok in class the other night, not great - pulled out of weaves a few times and on the last time, got a pretty harsh verbal correction from her mom, which did the trick. I spent tonight cleaning, doing laundry, packing up her food, my food (I take sandwiches and snacks) and packing. The pest control people are coming tomorrow, so we will start the termite eradication process tomorrow. I also have the plumbers coming next week...that scares me a little. I am having them stick a camera in the down spout (at $140 per hour) and if they find it is clogged, they will blast it out with a high pressure water stream (at $250 per hr) I feel a "bend over and get screwed" coming here, but not much I can do about it...I have to fix this. Hopefully, we find the issue quickly and the blast yields swift, immediate results...

On that note, have a great weekend and we will chat with you again on Sunday. Please properly secure your curtain crawlers in their car seats!!!

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