Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stark Raving Mad

Tonight, I saw something that absolutely makes me crazy - kids not buckled into car seats. Not only did I see it in one car, I saw it in 2, right in a row in the drive thru of McDonalds. I agreed to sub for softball tonight (for Heidi) and we had a game in between our 2, so I ran to get something to eat. I was in the parking lot, eating my grilled chicken chipotle bbq snack wrap (which is actually not too bad, considering the source) and saw this one car in the drive thru with 2 little kids moving around in the back seat. The mother was talking on the phone, not really paying attention to them until the one tried to climb in the front seat - and then she yelled at her. Um, HELLO? Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? I felt like yelling at her if she would buckle them in, she would not have that problem. Now, I was at Greenlawn and High, which is not the greatest of neighborhoods, but jeez, come on. In the next car right behind it, same thing.

I have seen enough car seats (and put enough kids in one) to know there is no way in holy moly those kids could get out if properly secured. When I see things like this, it further supports my theory that some how, some way, we need to set parameters on who should be allowed to have children...and somehow accidentally sterilize the ones who have no business raising offspring. May not be the most popular opinion, I know, but seriously - I am quite confident those poor kids did nothing to deserve a parent with such blatant disregard for their safety.

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